We've collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about FirstStep. If you still have questions after reading this section, please contact us at support@firststepapp.com


How does FirstStep work?

After signing up, you will see a search feed with profiles of users who match your preferences (search filters). You can view up to 15 candidates per day.
While viewing profiles, you can:
- "Like" the person by tapping the heart (anonymous like) or star (Super).
- Skip the user by tapping the X.
- Chat one-on-one with users who have responded to your like with another like.
- Send gifts and surprises.

How do I join FirstStep?

You can download the FirstStep mobile app on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. It's completely free!

Can I use FirstStep for free?

Yes. You can install FirstStep and sign up absolutely free. You can also view profiles, send people likes and Super, and chat one-on-one when you get a match.

Why can't I sign up via email, but only with a phone number or through Facebook?

We use these tools to protect our users against fakes. And if you ever forget your password, you'll be able to log into the app again without any trouble.

I didn't get a text message to complete the sign-up/authorization procedure. What should I do?

Make sure you entered your phone number correctly and your country code matches your phone number. If your country code and phone number are correct, but you still haven't received the text message, contact us about it at support@firststepapp.com.

Do I have to use my real name?

Absolutely. This will help potential partners trust you and increase your chances of building a serious relationship in the future. All personal information, including your name, is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

What should I write about in the "About me" section?

Talk about your interests and passions. That way other users will be able to get to know you better and find things to talk to you about.

Which kinds of photos should I use for my FirstStep profile?

Add photos in which you and your face are clearly visible. Don't forget that other users only want to see real photos of you! Our moderators carefully check all photos and try to make sure only high-quality pictures make it onto the app so other users will have a good impression of you.

How do I write to other users?

You can only start chatting with other users if you both like each other. If you send another user a regular like (a heart), they won't find out about it unless they send you a like as well. You can also send a Super (a star). If you do this, your profile will be highlighted on the general list, and the user will get a special notification.

What advantages does PrimeStep offer?

A PrimeStep premium account grants full access to all of the app's functions.
With PrimeStep, you can:
- Find out who likes you.
- View all users who have given you Super.
- Send as many regular likes as you want.
- Send more Super and gifts in order to emphasize the seriousness of your intentions.

You can also use the app without PrimeStep.

Why did you delete my photo?

We try to make FirstStep a safe, pleasant place for everyone. You can help us do this by only adding photos to your profile if they are of good quality and your face is visible. Please try to avoid heavily processed photos or group photos.

I got blocked. What can I do?

If you're confident that you haven't violated the service's rules, contact us about this at support@firststepapp.com. Also provide your sign-in info (your phone number or Facebook account).

I sent you an email. When will you respond?

Within 24 hours. But we always try to respond sooner.

How do I report offensive behavior?

If a user is behaving in an offensive manner or their profile appears to be unacceptable, you can block them and report their profile. To do this, go to their profile, tap the dot, select "Complain" and indicate a reason. We will process your complaint and take all necessary steps.

How do I delete my profile?

We don't want you to go, but if you need to take a break or have already found your soulmate, go to the "My profile" section, go to "Settings" and select "Delete profile".

Subscriptions and purchases

I didn't renew my subscription. Why was my account still charged?

According to the rules of the App Store and Google Play, all subscriptions are renewed automatically. This means that Apple/Google will automatically renew your subscription for the same period as your original purchase. For example, if you signed up for a three-month PrimeStep subscription, your subscription will automatically be renewed for three months. The charge will be processed within 24 hours of the end of the current subscription period unless you cancel it.

What is a trial subscription?

In the mobile app a trial PrimeStep subscription is available for free within seven days after being activated. If you don't cancel the trial subscription during the free period, Apple / Google will automatically renew it as a paid subscription and charge your account a monthly fee. We strongly recommend cancelling the subscription before then!

Will my subscription be cancelled if I delete the app or my profile?

No. All subscriptions are linked to your Apple ID / Google Play account, not your profile or the app. So even if you delete the app or your profile, Apple/Google will still charge your account until you cancel the subscription.

How do I cancel a paid subscription?

On iPhone
Subscriptions on Apple devices can only be managed using your Apple ID. You can configure or cancel your account in a browser or from your iPhone's settings. You can find more detailed information on the official Apple website.
On Android
Subscriptions on Google devices can only be managed using your Google account in the Google Play app. You can find more detailed information on the official Google website.

How do I get a refund on a subscription?

If you aren't pleased with PrimeStep's functions, you have the right to get a refund within 24 hours of activating your subscription for iPhone or 48 hours for Android. To do this, contact Apple/Google tech support through your Apple ID / Google Play account.

Can I cancel a purchase and get a refund on virtual gifts, Super, etc.?

As a rule, funds spent on consumable purchases cannot be refunded. You can read more about this on the official Apple website for iPhone or the official Google website for Android.


Where do I send my suggestions and comments?

The FirstStep support team is always glad to answer your questions. If you experience technical issues, if a payment doesn't go through, or if you just can't figure out how to use the app, contact us at support@firststepapp.com, and we'll be in touch.

I want to leave feedback.

We are always glad to get feedback, whether positive or negative, as well as your suggestions. Just email us at support@firststepapp.com.

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